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At Leaflet Distribution Cardiff we specialise in distributing leaflets, brochures, menus, etc, in Cardiff and across South Wales. We’re the No 1 leaflet delivery Cardiff service.

How We Can Help You!

If you have a service, shop, or product, and you want to target the local Cardiff, or South Wales market, there’s no more cost effective way to reach potential customers then through our leaflet drops.

We provide a reliable leaflet delivery service for businesses, with our GPS tracking (which updates every 12 seconds) and are able to provide clients with full reports of exact streets covered and the time taken!

Leaflet Distributors


If you want only your leaflets going through the letterbox, then use our Solus delivery, which’ll mean you’re independent from any other materials. With Solus you’ll also be able to get started much sooner!



Our shared plans mean you’re material will be delivered with 2-3 other materials. This is cheaper for you as you’re sharing the distribution costs. All other material will be “non-competing”.

Custom Solutions

We’re always open to unique requests and are happy to bend our services to fit your needs. Maybe you’re a removals company and only want leaflets in houses with for sale or sold signs. Done!

How Our Process Works



Step 1 is about us helping you find the right service, to fit your goals. This may even include us advising you that we don’t think leaflet drops are appropriate for your goals and suggesting that you use another marketing channel.



Step 2 is where we’ll start to put together the maps and street addresses for where you want to target. We’ll also educate our distributors on what your goals are and give any special instructions as discussed with you in step 1.



Step 3 is where we get to work delivering. Oddly enough this is actually the easiest part of our jobs, as we’ve done all the hard work and mapped everything out in steps 1 + 2, now we get to do the fun part of delivering!



Step 4 is all to do with keeping you updated with our progress, with our weekly updates and reports. This includes GPS data from our distributors and also street addresses with number of leaflets delivered!

Why Choose “Door To Door” Leafleting For Your Marketing?

The British Marketing Survey showed us that 89% of people noticed leaflets delivered to their door and that on average just under 7% responded.

This was the best response rate of all other marketing channels, including TV ads, Newspaper and magazine ads, Internet, Radio, Posters, etc. You can see the results for yourself by visiting this.

Leaflet Distribution Cardiff

Why Choose Us To Deliver Your Leaflets?

As small business owners we know the importance of making sure your marketing spend is being used in the most cost effect manner, while trying to get the highest ROI. And so our services are designed around what’s needed from a Cardiff leaflet delivery company!

GPS Tracked

To ensure delivery, all our staff carry GPS tracking devices which updates every 12 seconds and shows us exactly where they’ve been and the time taken. We then share this info with our clients in our weekly updates.

Deliverability Estimates

Using the latest data from Royal mail, we have a 97% accurate estimate for how many letterboxes are on each street. We use this information to make sure our staff aren’t putting 2 or more leaflets into each letterbox!


Everything Handled!

Our work isn’t just in the distributing of the leaflets, it’s also all the work that comes before and after, such as hiring and paying staff, training and ongoing supervision, mapping out the best routes to take, sending weekly updates to you, etc

Areas We Deliver To

Our main service areas are all of the postcodes within Cardiff. So that’s CF3, CF5, CF10, CF11, CF14, CF15, CF23, CF24. And all of the postcodes within Newport, such as NP10, NP11, NP18, NP19, NP20.

We also cover areas such as Penarth, Dinas Powys, Caerphilly, Pontypridd, Treharris, Aberdare, Mountain Ash and Merthyr Tydfill.

With a bit of notice and as long as we’ve still got spots available, we can also do the rest of the “Cardiff postcode area” that’s anything with a CF before it, such as Bridgend or Barry. We can also do the rest of the “Newport postcode area”, that’s anything with a NP before it, such as Gwent, Monmouthshire, etc.

We can also cover some of the postcodes in Swansea.

Areas We Serve

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never used our service before you probably have a lot of questions!

Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the question or answer you need, you can always get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help!

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Do you have a minimum?
We do and right now it’s 3,000 leaflets. This will be increasing in the future.

Please also note, we’re happy to deliver at this minimum, but to really give leafleting a chance we recommend at least 10,000.

How much does this cost?
We’re hesitant to put prices on our website, simply because every campaign is different and we need to take into consideration the areas you want to target, the size and weight of your leaflets, any special requirements you have, etc.

However, because we know this is so important, we’ve put together a very basic and rough guide. (For leaflets, prices are for a4 already folded, a5, a6 or cards. Larger items are subject to an individual quote)

Solus: Starts from £60 per 1,000 leaflets. This gets you a dedicated leaflet drop and means only your leaflets are delivered.

Shared: Is cheaper as you’re sharing distribution costs. This starts from £35 per 1,000 for 3 companies. Or £47.5 per £1,000 for 2 companies. (All other leaflets will be “non-competing” with yours and won’t be with newspapers or magazines.)

Newspapers: Prices start from £70 per 1,000.

Magazines: Prices start from £80 per 1,000.

How are you able to ensure our leaflets are being distributed?
A lot of people have their doubts that their leaflets will be delivered, and that’s completely understandable.

Because our business is built on your trust, we’ve developed these three techniques to guarantee the highest delivery rate possible.

1) GPS tracking: All of our staff carry GPS tracking devices which show us the exact route they take and the exact time they take. This data is updated every 12 seconds. Because these updates happen so often, we’re basically always “alongside” our staff and can make sure that they’re spending the right amount of time to deliver leaflets. Quite often these updates will even show our staff walking up and then back down people’s driveways… it’s actually kind of creepy… but in a good way!

2) Deliverability estimates: On top of our GPS tracking, we also get the latest data from Royal Mail, which shows us their estimates for how many letterboxes are deliverable on each street.

We then use this data when we set routes for our distributors. This means if we give our distributors 1,000 leaflets and a route with 8 streets, which Royal mail estimate has 1,000 letterboxes, and they then come back to us saying they only had enough leaflets for 5 streets, we instantly know there’s something wrong.

We can then go check the route ourselves and confirm how many letterboxes they should have been able to deliver to! This stops our staff from putting 2 or more leaflets through a letterbox and again means we’re constantly working to ensure you’re getting the highest deliverabillity rate.

3) Spot checks on deliveries: We’re also constantly providing spot checks on all our staff. This is always unannounced and means our staff have no idea when we’ll “spring a visit” and keeps them on their toes!

How do we supply you with our leaflets?
You can have them delivered to one of our drop off centers.

Or we can arrange to collect your leaflets from you, or your printers, for an extra £20.

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