Are You Interested In A Leaflet Distribution Job In Cardiff?

If you’re in Cardiff, or areas in South Wales such as Newport, Penarth, Caerphilly, Pontypridd, Merthyr Tydfil, we may have a position for you. (For a full list of areas we serve, see “Areas Covered”.)

About The Job

For physically fit, reliable and hardworking individuals we have regular weekly work available, delivering mail door to door! You must be 18+, happy to work outside in all conditions and love walking! Please note this is a self-employed position.

Duties will include,

  • Posting leaflets through letterboxes (I’m sure that part was obvious!)
  • Carrying a GPS tracking device
  • Reporting on number of leaflets delivered on each street
  • Walking on average up to 10 miles per 1,000 households

You can work in your own area or if you have a car we can send you to nearby locations.

Leaflet Distribution Job In Cardiff

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of people are you looking for?

This type of work is suitable for anyone such as retired people, housewives, college/university students, or anyone looking to make a bit of extra cash, maybe to save up for a car or a holiday!

Basically anyone who enjoys walking and being out doors.

If you have a car it’s a benefit and means we’ll be able to give you extra work, but if not no worries!

How much is the pay?

Pay is based apon every 1,000 households delivered to and differ depending upon your base location and level of work carried out.

Typically 1-2 leaflets pays £35 per 1,000 or £40 for 3 leaflets. We do not pay per leaflet.

1,000 households is on average 5 hours work for the average walker.

This means sometimes you’ll get 1,000 households done in 3-4 hours, sometimes it may take 6-7 hours, but on average it’s about 5 hours.

Please also note this is a self-employed position.

How do you ensure we're delivering?

Because our business is built on our customers being able to trust that their leaflets are being delivered, we’ve developed these three techniques to guarantee the highest delivery rate possible.

1) GPS tracking: All of our staff carry GPS tracking devices which show us the exact route they take and the exact time they take. This data is updated every 12 seconds.

Because these updates happen so often, we’re basically always “alongside” our staff and can make sure that they’re spending the right amount of time to deliver leaflets.

2) Deliverability estimates: On top of our GPS tracking, we also get the latest data from Royal Mail, which shows us their estimates for how many letterboxes are deliverable on each street.

We then use this data when we set routes for our distributors.

This means if we give our distributors 1,000 leaflets and a route with 8 streets, which Royal mail estimate has 1,000 letterboxes, and they then come back to us saying they only had enough leaflets for 5 streets, we instantly know there’s something wrong.

We can then go check the route ourselves and confirm how many letterboxes they should have been able to deliver to! This stops our staff from putting 2 or more leaflets through a letterbox!

Anyone found not to be delivering properly will not get any more work from us and won’t be paid for any of their previous work, up to their last payment.

3) Spot checks on deliveries: We’re also constantly providing spot checks on all our staff. This is always unannounced and means our staff have no idea when we’ll “spring a visit” and keeps them on their toes!

How much time am I given to do the work?

You’ll usually be given a week to complete the round.

However if what you’re delivering isn’t time sensitive, we can give you a bit extra time!

You can discuss with us each week your availability for the next week and ask for more/less routes.

Over time, if you prove yourself to us, we may be able to supply you with extra work.

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